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Large-Scale Automation Custom Built Systems for the Agricultural Industry

Success in any business means constantly leveraging opportunities to streamline your operations and maximize your output. In today's global economy, automation is a big part of that. At Ventco, we help industrial and agricultural enterprises enhance their operations through custom electrical and irrigation systems designed to increase efficiency and bring down costs.

Not sure exactly what you need? Tell us what you're trying to accomplish, and we'll brainstorm a customized solution to fit your needs. 

  • Ventilation

  • Refrigeration

  • Electrical Systems

  • UL508a Custom Control Panels

  • Automated Irrigation

  • Hop Dryers

  • Hemp Dryers

  • Transportable Drying Systems

Cut Drying Time in Half! Our Custom Hop & Hemp Drying Systems Help Farmers Dry More Each Season

  • Save Energy

  • Plant More Acreage

  • Increase Production

  • Save Time

hops and hemp growing next to each other in a field

When You Can Automate Anything, the Possibilities Are Endless!

hops drying in a kiln

Custom Drying Systems

The post-harvest drying phase is a crucial step in processing hops and hemp for commercial use. We create custom drying systems designed to reduce drying time and conserve energy.

agriculture system

Industrial Electrical Systems

Whether it's proper refrigeration, ventilation in a warehouse, or custom control panels for large-scale industrial enterprises, we have a variety of electrical systems designed to save you time and money.

irrigation system looking over a river

Agriculture & Irrigation

Automation is a major component of large-scale success in the agriculture industry. We help farmers and growers maximize their time with custom electric and automated irrigation systems.

UL Certified

Ventco LLC is a UL Certified 508A Control Panel Builder

Shorter Turnaround

Hands-Off Automation

Complete Solutions

Less Waste

Energy Savings

An Innovative Solution For Hop & Hemp Growers

Hops and hemp are booming industries in today's market. Our custom drying systems enable you to process your crops faster than ever before. 

We are proud to say that our dryers successfully dried over six million pounds of hemp alone in the 2018 harvest season. Using our drying systems, farmers are able to take the initial crop—which has a moisture percentage of 80-85%—and dry them to 10-11% moisture in half the time of traditional dryers. 

Our customized hemp and hop drying systems are able to cut drying time in half, all while using less fuel and enabling farmers to dry more product each season. 

The great thing about having a custom dryer created is that we can make it as small or as large as you need it. When you contact us about your custom project, we'll ask you a series of questions that will help us determine the optimal size for your dryer. 

Our dryers are heated using liquid propane or natural gas. 

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