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Our Story Over 30 Years of Service & Craftsmanship

Ventco was established in 1988 with the goal of selling good quality parts and craftsmanship to farmers. We saw an enormous opportunity to provide products and services that would help farmers save money, plant more, and get through their harvests faster. 

The name Ventco comes from an amalgamation of the terms "ventilation" and "controls," a nod to the core services we began with all those years ago. In 2003, we became Ventco LLC.

Although we are licensed general contractors specializing exclusively within the agricultural industry for ventilation, refrigeration, and electrical systems, we are also a UL508a certified panel building shop.

We have also expanded our services to include crop dryers for hops and hemp. Our proprietary method for drying plant matter and flowers is leading the way in this ever-growing industry.

Licensed in Oregon

CCB# 165655

Licensed in Washington


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