Automated Irrigation Systems Set It & Forget It

Optimal Irrigation for Your Fields Using the Latest in Automation Technology

There's a lot of work that goes into running a business in the agriculture industry. The last thing you should be worried about is micro-managing your irrigation process. With our automated irrigation systems, there's no more obsessively checking the weather forecast for rain. No more having to stop what you're doing because the field's flooded. 

Using custom control panels and our skilled automation process, we help farmers save enormous amounts of time and money by setting their irrigation systems on autopilot. 

  • Reduce Water Consumption

    Many farmers end up using more water than they need, which can lead to waste. With an automated irrigation system, you'll never over-water your fields. 

  • Spend Less

    Using only the water you need can end up saving you thousands on your utility bills over the course of a year. 

  • Save Time

    After we install your automated irrigation system, we have just one question: What will you do with all the time you're saving by not having to manually irrigate your crops? 

cluster - electrical irrigation
electrical cluster for pivot irrigation

How Does an Automated Irrigation System Work?

Custom Irrigation Setup

No two farms are alike, and in our opinion, no two irrigation systems should be, either. Our irrigation systems are customized based on your goals, your crops, and your business model in order to give you the most hands-off irrigation operation you've ever had. 

Automated Irrigation

The control panel is the brains of your automated irrigation system. When the sensors send back data about the soil being over-saturated from a rainstorm, the control panel will intuitively prevent any unnecessary irrigation.

Sensor-Based Data Collection

In addition to setting up the actual irrigation mechanism, we install strategically-placed sensors all around your farm. These sensors send important data back to the control panel—air temperature and soil dryness, for example—which then triggers an appropriate automated response. 

LambWeston 100 Circles Farm

Ventco installed a 1750HP Variable Frequency Drive on the Columbia River for LambWeston  to help automate their farmland irrigation system. Few irrigation projects are as large and involved as this one, and we were proud to have been able to create an optimal and efficient setup for consistent water pressure.

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