Custom Control Panels for Virtually Any Electrical Application

Electrical & Industrial Control Panel Building By a UL-508A Certified Panel Builder

Have you ever opened up your control panel to find a mess of wires and old components? Those control panels are neither safe nor efficient—and they could be costing you in increased energy bills and maintenance. 

As a UL-508A Certified Panel Builder, we use the latest technology and our years of experience to create electrical panels designed to perform better, last longer, and save more energy than the old traditional panels.

Whether you need a one-off control panel installation or want to upgrade your entire facility, our team is ready to help create a clean, modern, and reliable solution that is custom made to fit your needs. 

  • Pneumatic Panels

  • Hydraulic Panels

  • HVAC Panels

  • Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Automation Panels

  • Emergency Shut Off Panels

  • Relay Panels

  • Heavy Equipment Panels

Main electrical control panel installation

Custom Control Panel Building is Our Specialty

UL Certified

Ventco LLC is a UL Certified Control Panel Builder

High-Volume Capabilities

Because of our experience and expertise in control panel building, we are able to handle bulk orders with ease at our facility. You can expect a quality product and a quick turnaround when you come to us for your custom control panel solution, whether you purchase one or 1,000.

A Guarantee of Safety

Any custom control panel or modification of an existing control panel can be dangerous without using the proper materials and methods. Ventco is UL-508A Certified, which means that all our work is compliant with local regulations and inspections that are designed to protect user safety. You can rest assured that every control panel we make or modify is safe.

Large-Scale Automation

"Work smarter, not harder," isn't just good advice—it's a motto we live by when we create our automation control panels. We're able to help our clients grow their business exponentially by automating systems that might otherwise involve a lot of time and manpower. 

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