Ventilation Systems for Industry & Agriculture

The Importance of Air Quality Maximizing Safety & Productivity

Air quality is an essential yet often forgotten component to most industrial and agricultural operations. Yet whether or not a building is properly ventilated can mean the difference between food storage and food spoilage; between healthy livestock and sick livestock; between a safe work environment and a deadly fire. 

It's not enough to just go with the status quo and hope it covers all your bases. You need a custom ventilation system designed specifically with your business in mind by experts who understand the nuances of the industry you work in. 

At Ventco, we specialize in creating customized ventilation solutions for a variety of industrial and agricultural applications. 

  • Fans

  • Ducts

  • Dampers

  • De-Humidifiers

  • Air Filters

  • Dust Collectors

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How Can a Quality Ventilation System Improve Your Business?

Chemical & Exhaust Removal

For businesses that involve indoor welding, combustion engines, or highly-toxic chemicals, proper ventilation can be a life-and-death matter. In addition to personal safety measures, it's important to establish excellent ventilation to prevent any adverse health conditions as a result of poor air quality. 

Crop Storage

Any perishable item that is stored runs the risk of spoiling due to mold or mildew. A custom ventilation system establishes an ideal climate for food and crop storage that prevents heat and moisture from building up. The result? A longer shelf life for food and grain, not to mention less waste.

Climate Control

Proper ventilation is essential to climate control, whether you're in an office building or on a farm. Keeping the temperature and humidity safe and comfortable for all people and animals involved improves their quality of life and creates a productive work environment. 

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