Hemp Dryers for Large-Scale Plant Matter Processing

Hemp Drying Has Never Been Faster 2019 Harvest Season—Ventco Drying Systems Have Now Dried Millions Upon Millions of Pounds of Industrial Hemp

For hemp farmers, time spent on hemp drying is unfortunate but necessary downtime between harvest and sale. Using our proprietary industrial hemp drying technology, we are able to help hemp farmers reduce the amount of time it takes for hemp to dry—allowing them to get to market faster than ever before. 

Ventco's years of expertise in ventilation, refrigeration, and advanced electrical systems has given us a competitive edge in developing this new technology, which uses a combination of heat, ventilation, and automation to dry hemp in half the time of traditional drying systems.

  • Automated

    Automated hemp dryer systems allow you to save time and manpower by letting machines do the brunt of the work. 

  • Reduces Drying Time

    More efficiency and shorter drying times enable you to cut your production time down considerably.

  • Saves Energy

    By reducing the drying time and using less fuel, we're able to help farmers achieve lower energy bills and higher profit margins. 

man standing in front of a hemp drying kiln

Real-World Applications

Efficient, Timely Hemp Drying A Case Study from the 2019 & 2020 Harvest

18,750 pounds of green industrial hemp at 80 to 85% moisture content was dried in 5.5 hours to 10% moisture content, consistently in each system. In this case there are sixteen systems completing at least three cycles per day, for a total of over 900,000 pounds of wet product processed per day. Dry recovery is over 300,000 pounds per day.
Recovery was 30 to 38 percent.

900,000 Pounds of Green Industrial Hemp @ 80 to 85% Moisture Content

Over 300,000 Pounds Dry Recovery Per Day @ 10% Moisture Content

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Drying System?

Effective & Efficient Hemp Drying

When drying hemp, you want the end result to be...well, dry. But some methods of hemp drying leave a less-than-ideal level of moisture within your harvest. Our hemp dryers ensure maximum dryness—and, by extension, a safer product—through our proprietary drying technology. 

A Better Product

Good business means providing a reliably high-quality product to your customers, time and time again. Reducing the hemp drying process helps retain the beneficial properties that make hemp such a desirable commodity—allowing you to produce a higher quality end product with the crop you already have. 

Protecting Your Investment

With weather, pests, and other environmental factors, farming can be a risky business. Losing part of your crop to post-harvest spoilage is not one of the things you should have to worry about. Nevertheless, conventional hemp drying methods can leave your crop susceptible to rot and contamination. 

We have large-scale production models as well as transportable drying systems that are able to handle large quantities of product at a time. These high-efficiency dryers protect your investment by decreasing the drying time, improving the overall quality of your product, and enabling you to get a quicker return on investment. 

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