Hop Drying Kilns Where Brewing Meets Efficiency

Get More From Your Crop With Our Hop Drying Kilns

In any type of food or beverage production, the end product is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. And when it comes to brewing, the hops are everything. 

Whether you have a micro-brewery that grows its own hops or you farm hops to sell to breweries, the fact of the matter is the same: How you dry and process your hops is crucial to achieving a high-quality ingredient. 

Our hop drying kilns are able to take freshly harvested hops and dry them in half the time of conventional drying kilns. For farmers and brewers alike, this means:

  • Less Time

  • Cost Savings

  • Increased Production

  • Energy Conservation

  • Better Product

  • Happier Customers

Why Invest in a New Hop Drying Kiln?

Lower Overhead

Like many others in the industry, our kilns run on liquid propane or natural gas. However, unlike those other kilns, ours are more fuel efficient. Less expense on operating costs gives you more funds to invest in your business. 

Customized for Your Farm

It doesn't make any sense to purchase an industrial-sized kiln if you operate a modest family farm. Likewise, why purchase multiple small kilns just because you have a larger harvest?

When we say "custom drying kilns," we mean completely customized to your business. When designing your hop drying kiln, we take into consideration the scope of your operation and your ultimate goals moving forward to create an effective solution. 

The Freedom to Farm More

Many of the farmers we work with find that, with the reduced drying time and increased energy efficiency, they have the time and the resources to increase their hop production. We love to hear that we've helped local farms be able to re-invest in their businesses and grow. 

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